Tuesday, February 19, 2008

random thoughts

this thought must get out of my head. it was never anything and will never be anything. God is doing something at asbury that is so much bigger than me or anyone else. its going to rock nations. God is showing me what true community looks like and that i need to be vulnerable in it. God is beginning to raise me up to a place of true servant-authority. i am so excited about seeing it. i want my roots to go deep in God, to know Him face to face. i had a dream today, it was good and i hope it is a reality someday ( see my first random thought to correlate w/ this thought, just a dream) i love my OT class. greek is rough and i cant wait to be done w/ it. i pray its the Lord's will for me to be on this internship w/ VOM this summer. that would be boss. our 10 days of 24/7 prayer is almost over, thats good cause im tired. God has been rocking my world lately, but i still need to be more consistent in my time in the word. God is beginning to give me boldness i forgot i had. i dont want to ever manipulate anyone, that disgusts me. God is good and im excited to what it is. "theres something bigger going, theres something bigger than me!"


and this is reality, you are coming to reign on the earth, and the increase of your government will know no end!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


just questioning what im doing.

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